[Answered] What does M&M’s stand for?

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[Answered] What does M&M’s stand for?

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…1. Mister & Missus 2. Miniature Morsels 3. Mars & Murrie 4. Mickey & Mike’s

Mars & Murrie – The iconic M stamp on every M&M simultaneously represents the last names of its creators, Forrest Mars Sr. and William Murrie. The former was an American who temporarily moved to England to start his own candy company, and the latter was a Hershey’s executive who supplied the necessary chocolate and sugar for the small candies. On Mars’s return, he proposed the partnership with Murrie to secure the supplies he’d need in the face of rationing during the Second World War. They started manufacturing in 1940, originally exclusively for the United States Army, then brought them to the post-war market.:

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