[Answered] Where is Sugarloaf Mountain?

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[Answered] Where is Sugarloaf Mountain?

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…1. Montevideo, Uruguay 2. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 3. Lima, Peru 4. Santiago, Chile

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – The famous Sugarloaf Mountain — aka Pão de Açúcar — overlooks Rio de Janeiro near Guanabara Bay and earned its moniker due to its conical shape. At the base of the landmark peak, you can visit the fortress of São João, a 16th-century star fort built under King Sebastian of Portugal. If you’re not afraid of heights, you might also travel to the top of the 1,300-foot mountain from Urca Hill via cable car, which has taken 37 million passengers on the journey since it opened in 1912. Stop off at Morra da Urca along the way if you’re up for a hike with stunning views.:

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