[Answered] Who sculpted Mount Rushmore?

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[Answered] Who sculpted Mount Rushmore?

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…1. Cecile Abish 2. Korczak Ziolkowski 3. Augustus Lukeman 4. Gutzon Borglum

Gutzon Borglum – The American landmark of Mount Rushmore was sculpted by John Gutzon de la Mothe Borglum, or Gutzon Borglum as he’s more commonly known. He was contacted for the job after an unsuccessful stint working on the famed Stone Mountain carving in Georgia. While Borglum’s work on the project was fantastic, his relationship with the commissioner was not, so he didn’t last long on the job. Despite this, a historian in South Dakota gained an interest in his work and he was commissioned to craft Mount Rushmore. He began work in 1927, using dynamite to blast away the exposed mountain to achieve his desired depth for work. Unfortunately, this did lead to him accidentally blowing apart Thomas Jefferson’s original face in the sculpture. Borglum was committed to the project through the end of his life, working with his son Lincoln as his main assistant. He passed away before the project was completed, but his son picked up where he left off and completed the sculpture in late 1941.:

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