[Answered] Who was on the $10,000 bill?

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[Answered] Who was on the $10,000 bill?

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…1. Salmon P. Chase 2. Alexander Hamilton 3. Aaron Burr 4. Grover Cleveland

Salmon P. Chase – We’re used to seeing Presidents’ faces staring back at us when we open up our wallets. But when the now-discontinued $10,000 bill began circulating in 1928, you’d see none other than Salmon P. Chase gazing up at you. Chase was a mid-19th century politician who served as Chief Justice of the United States and was Abraham Lincoln’s first secretary of the treasury, and he chose himself to be the star of the original $1 bill. Years later, the Treasury returned the favor, and selected his visage to grace the five-figure note. Today, Chase is still relevant in the financial industry — ever heard of Chase Bank?:

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